We are Mapa MGMT!

Placement Agency, founded in 2014.

As a placement agency it will never be our aim to represent hundreds of models. We prefer to keep our agency small and to know every single model personally, and that enables us to give all of our models the attention  and care needed to succeed in a very competitive industry.

Our aim is to provide tailored support to each model's individual career development needs, but we also pride ourselves on the advice and guidance that we are able to give young and inexperienced models, thus helping them establish a long and successful career.

Mapa Model Management is looking to represent a mixture of experience and new fresh talent, who can all change the fashion scene of today.

Mapa Model Management is a limited company, and is registered at Companies House, London, registration no: 9004329.

Mapa Model Management Ltd is registered at 10A, St John Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8HJ, which is NOT our postal address.

Mapa Model Management does NOT have a snapchat account, and our instagram is @mapamodelmanagement.  If you get contacted by anyone from Mapa Model Management, it will be from an email address with a firstname and then @mapamodelmanagement.com